Because the Japanese car is firm by used car, a truck is popular in a foreign country

In Japan, the car has the image called the thing to get on not to injure it, and there is the impression that anyone cleans a car.
However, is special, and a Japanese person cleans what only this is carried on by car neatly to there in the foreign country; the person is not readily.
This is because it is a thought of the first to work soundly for a long time well.
Because thoughts are enough, in the country, as for the car or the truck which I liked, there is a person getting on as possible for a long time.
Because a new car is very high in the truck in particular, I cannot easily readily trade in it.
Still I often buy a new it for security when some distance and years pass in the country.
When I buy a new it, with a choice of a used car, people buying the car which does not cost an amount of money as much as possible increase.
However, it may not be broken easily because the domestic car is made very well.
In addition, there are parts even if broken and can continue getting on for a long time forever by repairing it properly.
Such a toughness, robustness not to readily fail are popular, and, in the foreign country, many people choose the Japanese car and are looking.
Even a used car has enough performance and functions.